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Help Us Find All The Grads
Cathy and Myra have been burning the midnight oil tracking down current coordinates for all of the Grads. They've had huge success, but some of us are proving a little harder to find. Can you help? Do you have contact info for any of these grads? If so, Cathy and Myra would love to hear from you. You can reach Cathy at or Myra at

Doug/Jerry Abel
Norman Allison
Bob Barclay
David Basi
Robyn Beattie (maybe Laine or True)
Renee Beck
Robert Bergin
Harry Biddlecombe
Arthur Biscoff
Steve Bondesen
Gordon Boudreau
Gary Brooks
Robert Brown
Joanne Bystedt (maybe Boardman)
Donna Caldwell (nee Richie)
Susan Campbell (nee Patey)
John Carminati
Stephen Carroll
Lana Chalmers
Laurie Chan
Gregory Corbett
John Corbin
Susan Cross (Holland)
Bob Cross
Ross Dale
Diane Davidge
Susan Davies (Morgan)
Gerry DeVries
Victor Duncan
Russell Craig Dunn
Donna Dunsmore (maybe McDaniel)
George Eldridge
Kristine Elliot (nee Bjorklund)
Tim Fenton
David Ferrero
Gregory Gabriel
Athan Georgiades
Lorne Giesbrecht
Mike Gill
Linda Ginger (nee Amos)
Charles Goucher
Jim Halliday
Linda Halsey
John Hamilton
Gary Hardisty
Charlotte Harper
Isabelle Harrop
Don Hartings
Lana Haugen
Constance Hawkes
Rory Haywood
Linda Heidner
C. Victoria Hennigar
Barbara Henry (nee Pearson)
Lorna Hesp
Leigh Hewer (nee Heweter)
Ricki Hill
Linda Hoffmann (nee McIntyre)
Catherine Hogan
Bob Hope
Marilyn Hopkins
Edward (Ted) House
Donna Humphries
Cindy Hurl (nee Miles)
Dave Hyde
Cara Inverarity (nee Schell)
Terry Isbister
Benny Jack
Leslye Jacobson
Sherrilyn Johnson (nee Blight)
Syvia Jossul
Ann Kritsonis (nee Harden)
Faye Kwan
Dale Lane
Keith Langley
Ian Langston
Lauren Laycock (nee Jaimes)
Sharon Lee
Quon Lee
Kenneth Lee
Kan Foo Keong Lee
Waiman Lee
Cecila Leggett (nee Beattie)
Joseph L’Hirondelle
Peggy Leung
Diane Leys
Bill (William) Lee
Christine Charlotte Mansfield (Campbell)
Dyanne Meszaros (Barrie)
Thomas Millar
Michael Miller
Therese Marie Miller (Bacon)
Kent Mundy
Wain Alexander R. Munro
Tony Onyszkiewica
Rhona Page (Gelling)
Alan Robert Palmer
Richard William Parker
Marsha Leigh Payne
John Arthur Pepler
Harbans Poony
Pete Rebner
Theodore John (Ted) Ross
Lois L. Shoebridge
Raymond M. Simms
Rae (Diana) Smith (Major)
Doug Smith
Lynn Smith
Jill A. Solar
Julie Spencer
Robert M. Strachan
Joanne Swindells
Theresa Taggart
Deborah Taylor
Brian Charles Ulich
Kathy Laycock (aka Vienna Valencio)
Kirsti Walker
Trudy Walker
Maurice Watzke
Kenneth Jules Weicker
Judith L Whidden
Dave Whiting
Jim Wilson
Ernestine Wilson
Alexander Wong
Hayley Wong
Wayne Young
Craig M. Zibert (possible misspelling on Alumni List - Zubert?)